Offsite Immersive 2016
11-18 September, Portugal
Welcome to the first step to take part on a unique experience this summer!

1) Fill in the application form telling us why you would like to participate

After we review your application, we’ll get in touch to schedule a Skype or Google Hangout call (around 15 min long) to get to know each other and give you an opportunity to ask questions

3) We’ll get back to you within a few days to let you know if you’ve been selected, you’ll then be able to confirm and reserve your place!

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Tell a story in 11 minutes about any subject that is interesting and compelling OR run a 1h30m session to go deep into a subject and teach people something practical.
Practical Aspects

Are you able to commit a week and £820 (shared room) or £890 (individual room) for a place in the retreat inclusive of workspace, accommodation, healthy food choices, energising coffee, field trips, learning and pure unadulterated meaningful experiences? *

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